Efitacademy Audit Reports


Registering Body Report / AQTF Quality Indicators 

These indicators are based on a survey of 80 Students and 1 Employer. This sample represents 80% of this organisations training delivery in the 2014 Calendar Year. These students surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines. Click here to view the Latest Report

VRQA Audit Report

A VRQA audit was conducted during July 2009 as part of an RTO registration process.  Efitacademy was found to be compliant with teh VET Quality Framework.

Audit was conducted on 6/7/2009

Qualifications / Units Audited:
SRF30206 Certificate III in Fitness
SRF40206 Certificate IV in Fitness

Audit Outcomes:
Audit Non-compliance identified:  NO
Level of non-compliance:  N/A

Sumary of non-compliance and actions taken to rectify:
There were no non-compliance.

Actions to rectify non-compliance:
No Action Required

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